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communications & content
Content Writing, PR, Press, Video/Photo

Set yourself apart from the competition with content and communication that engages your audience and motivates them to take action. From writing compelling blog posts to producing press releases likely to be noticed by media outlets, or creating engaging social media visuals, our marketers can provide what you need.


what do we do?

Struggling to capture the attention of your target audience through content and communications? Look no further than our expert-driven communication team. Our talented professionals specialize in writing and design for a number of industries including tech, fintech, finance, government, real estate, construction, consumer retail, eCommerce, and Automotive – with a wealth of experience in many more industries.

We can provide:

  • Blog & Article Writing

  • Case Study Research & Writing

  • Press Release management

  • Social Media Content Writing

  • Email & SMS Communications

  • Interview Scheduling & Management

  • Creative Copywriting

  • Video & Photo Editing & Capture

  • Graphic Design & Visual Aides

Let our skilled team of experts design for you visuals that captivate and communications crafted with precision to be read fluently by any audiences, wherever you want them to see it.


We can take your blueprint and develop content that can generate high returns for your organization in the immediate future, as well as create lasting impact for the long haul - helping you build your brand reputation as the "go-to" centre of knowledge in your industry. 

Our team boasts an extensive range of experienced journalists and public relations consultants who are ready to share your story with the world and obtain maximum press exposure.

Costs & Getting Started with Us

Communications & content can be wrapped up as part of a retainer package, or can be purchased separately on a fixed cost or hourly basis. Talk to us about our free consultation, so we can talk with you about what you need, and provide you with an idea for the best solution at the most affordable rate.

We offer solutions from small businesses, right up to large corporates.

Get in touch with us today and you could be off to a flying start within only a week, or whenever you need us to start. Let's have a chat, and create a custom package to suit what your business needs.

Event Shooting
talk with us about it today

It's free to find out more information, where we can take you through what we do, and help you work out if choosing Taharoto Road is the right choice for you and your business.

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