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marketing resourcing
Get a Dedicated Marketing Team - 1-50+ People

Our VM Marketing Resourcing services offer a hassle-free solution when you need to grow your business but don't have the resources, budget or trust to commit to a full-time hire. By streamlining the process, we provide an economical way to add additional capacity quickly and confidently.

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what is virtual marketing?

You need a reliable marketing team to ensure your business growth, but the time and cost of taking on full-time employees can be too great. This is where our Virtual Marketing Managers come in to help, providing you with everything you need without all the risks associated with hiring.

We provide:

  • Anywhere from One to Fifty+ People

  • Our marketers can work remote, or on-site

  • We'll manage your external suppliers on behalf

  • Pay for a Few Hours a Week, or More

  • We can train your existing marketing team

  • You can choose the experience you need, from Junior Marketers to Senior Marketers, and even C-Suite Level personnel.

We offer a unique service for businesses - acting as their own internal marketing team, responsible for strategizing and optimizing the marketing process in order to meet their goals and achieve their outcomes.


Our own CMO will keep everyone informed and provide thorough executive reports. Furthermore, we collaborate with your other marketing agencies and suppliers to make sure results surpass your expectations, delivering reliable performance across all the marketing we work on together.

We offer an agile solution to your needs - whether that is one-time projects, such as website builds or seasonal campaigns, or regular monthly deliverables which can change according to the requirements of your business. Our experts are able to provide top-quality digital marketing professionals for any tasks required. Best of all, you only need to work with one account manager and leave us to handle the rest!

Costs & Getting Started with Us

Our packages begin at $2500+GST per month, with multiple discounts and offers available based on the number of hours you need and your term duration. We are confident that our services will fit within your budget. 

All packages are customizable based on the number of hours you need. We also offer services by the hour, at a rate of $95+GST per hour.

We offer solutions from small businesses, right up to large corporates.

Get in touch with us today and you could be off to a flying start within only a week, or whenever you need us to start. Let's have a chat, and create a custom package to suit what your business needs.

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talk with us about it today

It's free to find out more information, where we can take you through what we do, and help you work out if choosing Taharoto Road is the right choice for you and your business.

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